About us

Hi there, my name is Tianna and I’m the face behind Filly Faux. In the picture above is my husband Dave and my daughter Hazel.

I truly feel a part of having a small business such as mine required a bit of introduction, not just “hello, my name is Tianna”, but the real lowdown on who I am and why I’ve started this business. So here goes;

I married my hilarious husband 2 years ago (in 2017). During our engagement we started to talk about our future career and children, we wanted something that had the potential to bring knowledge, success and perhaps even wealth into our lives and started drawing up business plans. A part of this was doing a short course on how to start an online fashion store in Bali, which we did as a part of our honeymoon. While doing so, I got sooo swept up in inspiration and my love for pretty, easy and comfortable fashion that we ditched most of our business plan and my husband let me pursue this inspiration.. This is when Filly Faux was born.

My ideas for Filly Faux are forever changing and evolving, but the biggest change we have made is the speed and journey in potentially creating a large scale business. We now have a 1 year  old, and risking our life savings for a business is no longer worth it. But that’s what I’ve loved about creating this modest little online store. We are able to start off small, and only grow as we feel comfortable to do so.

So here I am, creating pieces I love, to be loved by you. Learning as I follow this journey I’ve started, and maybe one day this hobby sized business will expand and make women all over Australia happy! I hope you enjoy my self designed pieces as much as the pieces I source from various places and I promise to do my best to keep fashion fun, easy and accessible!

xxx Tianna